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My #1 Tip for Sore Arms & Shoulders

Your arms work so hard! Give them some extra love.

If you attended my Morning TLC for Interpreters workshop at TerpExpo, you learned about this simple and effective technique that provides instant relief to sore muscles, breaks up adhesions, and reduces trigger points. If you didn’t, watch this short video to get started.

My favorite lube to use with this technique is the Deep Blue Rub, made by doTerra. I use this heating/cooling cream daily on my arm and shoulder, and get wonderful instant relief. Try it today to reduce your pain and inflammation! (If this link asks you to login, try this one instead. Click on “shop” and then search for “Deep Blue Rub.”)

deep blue benefits

What’s your favorite way to care for your shoulder and arm pain? Leave a note in the comments with your tip and I’ll send you a sample of this magic stuff!

With love and bright focus,

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