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Burnout Proof Bootcamp

Make healthy self-care habits stick in just 6 weeks.

Interpreting work is sticky, and often hard to forget. Some interactions can have an impact on us long after we leave an assignment, and we don’t always have safe ways to process. Over time this can lead to stress, injuries, & burnout. Join us to learn new tools to aid in reflecting on your work, improving decision-making, and avoiding burnout. Participants will have a chance to explore areas of stress in their work and to learn and practice tools to increase clarity, happiness & peace. This workshop utilizes hands-on and experiential learning opportunities so you can make this information your own and feel comfortable using it long after our time together.

Interpreters are professional communicators, we get paid to use language in ways that are clear and understandable. And we are rock stars at that most of the time!

But sometimes trying to communicate with our boss, referral agency, clients, and team interpreters just doesn’t go as smoothly. In this workshop we will explore the fundamentals of Non Violent Communication (NVC), a tool to help you communicate your needs effectively in a professional, connected way that will result in more understanding, more ease, less conflict, and ultimately: everyone getting their needs met!