Cindy Culpovich: Interpreter with Bright Focus

This is the first in a series of posts highlighting interpreters who are creating balance & igniting joy in their lives by putting their hearts back at the center of their work. My intention is to inspire us all with stories of people who are making their dreams a reality, people that we know and love. Sharing our stories gives us an opportunity to connect with and learn more about each other, with the added benefit of learning more about ourselves and what excites us. Get ready to be excited & inspired!

Cindy Culpovich
ASL Interpreter & Owner of Organizing Your Space

asl interpreter & organization expert Cindy Culpovich or


Describe the work or activity that you are passionate about:

I love people and having the opportunity to help people improve their lives and get out from under stress that’s weighing them down. It’s such a privilege for me to be invited in to people’s lives and that they trust me enough to allow me to help them with clutter chaos or other types of chaos that is causing them to be weighed down.

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Before Organizing Your Space

How do you feel when you are engaged in it?

Mostly I love it. Sometimes it can be stressful helping people wade through paper and possessions that carry a lot of stressful memories or emotions in them, but the end result is very encouraging.

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After Organizing Your Space

How has this work affected or changed your life?

I am constantly learning from my clients and growing personally as I do this work.

How does it inform your interpreting?

I see a link between my 2 professions. As an interpreter, I’m a communication expert and when I’m working with people on sensitive personal issues, communication is a huge part of it and my skills in that area aid in my success with clients. In the same way, working one on one with people helps me to hone my communication and learning to read people’s unspoken messages which helps in my interpreting career.

Why do you do this work? What’s your motivation for doing it?

I love the organizing work I do because I love helping people. I also like the fact that I can earn money doing something that I really enjoy!

Cindy Horesback

Cindy in 1986

Which of your values does it represent?

My love of people and that people and relationships are the most important thing to me.

What advice do you have for someone just beginning to align their work with their heart?

If you can figure out what you love doing and pursue that as a career, you will be greatly blessed.

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