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October 2021 Self-Care Workshops for Sign Language Interpreters

night sky landscape with dark field leading up to black tree line, dark blue mountain scape and light blue night sky with orange full moon going over mountains, tag: October 2021 Self-Care
Photo by Erik Mclean

Welcome to Fall!

This is a time of transition from one season to the next, from full bloom into the harvest and culmination phase of the growth cycle.  This is a time to reflect on what’s been supporting you, and what’s ready to be released. 

Here are some ideas for Fall reflection and release:

  • Take a walk in nature, giving special attention to the signs of transition around you. Leaves changing color, the smell and feeling of rain, the activity of birds, the decomposing of flower petals.
  • Sit for 5 minutes each night, studying the moon. Notice how the light and shadows slowly grow and diminish. Sketch what you observe.
  • Build a fire and bask in its light. Identify the various colors within the flames. Notice the patterns made as the wood or other material is slowly burned.

Community is a foundational support for Burnout Proof Interpreters, and we welcome you to reflect and release with us during our full moon gathering October 20th. All the details are below.

October 2021 Self-Care at Burnout Proof Academy

BURN | Connect + Support + Release

Click here to register for free

black background with yellow candle light, white text reading burn Connect + Support + Release, Burnout Proof Interpreters Collective, live one-hour group event, October 20th from 5-6p PDT, Bring what’s weighing you down, and watch it BURN, tag: October 2021 Self-Care

Are you tired of holding it all together?
Feeling alone?
In need of some care and tending?

Bring what’s weighing you down, and watch it BURN 🔥

Join The Burnout Proof Interpreters Collective for an hour of connection, support, and release under the full moon.

Together we will:

  • Offer into the flames one (or more!) thing that’s weighing you down
  • Witness and connect with each other in a wholehearted and affirming way
  • Experience the power of community, collective care, and belonging

Here’s what to do:

  1. RSVP for BURN for FREE + invite your friends (this work is more potent when we’re together)
  2. Mark 10/20/21  5 – 6 pm pacific / 8 – 9 pm eastern on your calendar
  3. Show up to release what’s no longer serving you and connect with others who get what you’re going through

Burn your burdens within the container of a supportive community

Click here to register

May you uncover and nourish even deeper layers of yourself this season, and may you know the support, connection, and belonging of your community. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

With love and bright focus, Brea (like the sea)