July 2022 Self-Care at Burnout Proof Academy

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Burnout Proof 101
The first step to taking better care of your precious self | 0.1 GS CEUs

blue sky with clouds and mountains in the background. Green text reads: Burnout Proof 101. Black text reads 0.1 GS CEUs on-demand study. The first step to taking better care of your precious self. with Breana Cross-Caldwell burnout proof academy, online.self-care.ceus. burnoutproof.me/p/burnout-proof-101. Interpretek is an approved RID sponsor for Continuing Education Activities. This General Studies program is offered for 0.1 CEUs at the Little/None Content knowledge level. tag: july 2022 self-care

Interpreters are charged with bearing witness to some of life’s greatest beauty and deepest pain, all while maintaining a stance of neutrality and flexibility. Over time, and especially during times of stress, this can take a toll on your body, mind and spirit.

In order to show up for others and do the work that’s ours to do in the world, we must have a foundation of self-care that sustains us.

During this workshop we’ll explore burnout and its effects on your life. We’ll look at how to make time for yourself, what areas of your life need tending to avoid burnout, and simple ways to celebrate your accomplishments and receive support.

Upon registration, you’ll have access to the recorded workshop where you’ll come away with a doable Burnout Proof plan, more peace and clarity, and a community to support you in taking better care of yourself.

This is an on-demand, self-paced course worth 0.1 GS CEUs. If you haven’t yet registered, just click below and you’ll get instant access to everything!

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