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Quiz: How Burnout Proof are you?

Physical, mental and emotional burnout affects many interpreters.

How much is it affecting you? Take this short quiz to find out and learn how you can protect yourself.

[ID: blue background, text reads: Online Courses. Reflective Workshops. Supportive Community. Burnout Proof Interpreters Collective. a community of care for sign language interpreters. Join our free support community. Image: 2 people with arms linked, smiling at the camera, the one on the left has brown skin, short bleached hair, glasses, and a black leather biker jacket, the one on the right is white with long blonde hair walking in front of a group of smiling people of varying skin tones. Image Credit: Joel Muniz]

A private support community for wholehearted sign language interpreters to revolutionize their self-care, share resources, and build lasting friendships.

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Create the step-by-step plan that will transport you to your heart’s truest dreams

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The "Hell, YES!" Checklist. Make intuitive, aligned decisions with ease. Follow this simple checklist to stay in alignment and avoid resentment when faced with a tough decision. Use it for anything from what to eat for dinner, to "Should we move across the country?" You got this.

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