Happiness Is Contagious…Catch It!

I learned from Scott Crabtree this week at The Science of Happiness that the happiness of others is contagious. I want to capitalize on this principle! I will be highlighting the positive direction that interpreters are creating for themselves, and there are so many to list. If you know of an interpreter who is spreading happiness by manifesting his/her passion please let me know, I would love to share their story here!

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2 thoughts on “Happiness Is Contagious…Catch It!

  1. Anne Holmgreen

    Breanna, I’m so proud to know you and so excited about this important work. I’ll be tuning in as you work to heal us all. Much love. Be well.

    1. breanacrosshall Post author

      Oh Anne, thank you. I have enjoyed so much and continue to look forward to the ways that we get to share this work and journey together. So much love to you.


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